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The CentOS Project

Posted: Tue Oct 19, 2021 5:56 am
by longfreeware
Community-driven free software effort focused on delivering a robust open source ecosystem around a Linux platform.
News and events
October 7th, 8th CentOS Dojo
The schedule and registration for the upcoming CentOS Dojo are now available. The event will include a Board of Directors "Ask me anything" and a hands-on tutorial on how to contribute changes into CentOS Stream.

CentOS Linux 8 (2105) Released
We are pleased to announce the release of CentOS Linux 8 (2105).

Around CentOS
CentOS Blog: Automotive SIG in full swing
Oct 15, 2021 — The CentOS Automotive SIG launched in August following approval from the CentOS Board in July. This SIG, instigated by Red Hat and open to all, is mea...
CentOS Blog: October news (Video)
Oct 13, 2021 — Here's an overview of the news for October. ...
CentOS Blog: Software Collections SIG quarterly report, October 2021
Oct 5, 2021 — Purpose The SCLo SIG aims to provide Software Collections packages from Red Hat and community for the CentOS ecosystem. For details about what Softwar...
CentOS Blog: Kmods SIG quarterly report
Oct 5, 2021 — Kmods SIG This report covers work that happened since last report. The previous report can be found here. Purpose Packaging and maintaining kernel mod...
CentOS Blog: CentOS Community Newsletter: October 2021
Oct 5, 2021 — It hardly seems possible that it’s already October. September (and the first few days of October) was very busy in CentOS news. Events We had our ...
CentOS Blog: CentOS Hyperscale SIG Quarterly Report for 2021Q3
Oct 2, 2021 — This report covers work that happened between July 2nd and October 1st. For previous work, see the 2021Q2 report. Purpose The Hyperscale SIG focuses o...
CentOS Blog: Minutes for CentOS Board of Directors for 2021-09-08
Sep 13, 2021 — Attendees Board members Pat Riehecky Brian Exelbierd Davide Cavalca Jim Perrin Mike McLean Tru Huyhn Rich Bowen (Chair) Thomas Oulevey (Secretary) D...
CentOS Blog: CentOS Community Newsletter: September 2021
Sep 7, 2021 — Dear CentOS community, It’s been another interesting and productive month in the CentOS project. If you’d like to contribute your own stories or artic...
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Posted: Thu Jan 20, 2022 8:55 am
by ChinaTes
Mod is pretty good and enjoyed it overall, I also see you barrowed inspiration from RMT nice. I would like to see some more units or turrets but mod good.


Posted: Sat Mar 05, 2022 3:41 am
by DaLob
Definitely in on this one

The previous ambience library has already proven to be of extraordinary value in a recent project. Mike, thanks for your work in hosting and organizing this


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by ChinaTes
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by ChinaTes
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